Kymco Dink 300 Street: the best buy

Kymco is a great breakthrough in our market with attractive products that meet both the wishes of the public in terms of aesthetics and functionality but also and especially an aggressive marketing policy and price more than tempting.

For less than 5000 euros, the Dink 300 Street comes to an enviable position in a market where it's eyes at all those who need a little more punch on a daily basis.

auto_dink2As soon as one breaks the 125 cc, in fact, the choice is reduced significantly in the catalogs of the manufacturers of scooters. This is normal and mostly related to the famous motorcycle license you need to get before you can ride such a machine. The more than 125 are tempting, especially if you do not live exactly in the center or in the immediate periphery.

At that time, when to attack the highway, power puts you completely at ease and gives you the opportunity to follow the flow of cars and more stick in the bucket trucks. This is a clear advantage in security and you do not spend hours on the second tape to complete an overtaking maneuver.

In addition, these scooters more "wealthy" are generally better dressed and thus both more comfortable from the auto_dink3weather and more practical for everyday use.
All these benefits are related to the machines of 250 cc and above but all are generally more than 5000 euros. Except Dink Street

With its polished look, the Kymco seduces you at first glance. Its light clusters adopt a specific signature with the presence of LED lights that allow this scooter to recognize among a thousand. Well integrated into the fairing, the light clusters are eating the front wraparound look that gives a "serious" in this big scooter and portends a good protection against the wind. The windshield is relatively high also the guarantor. Perched on the rim of the Kymco inches.

Then stands by a generous wheelbase that allows you to generate a lot of space for passengers. The two-stage seat is very comfortable. Ample, well designed, it is flexible enough to allow you to endure long journeys painlessly. The handlebar includes all the controls you need on the road, including a call light handy to signal his presence when we go back the files. Note also a comprehensive control panel where the two analog meters (speedometer and tachometer) surround a digital screen that contains two tripmeters.

In the fairing, a small housing practice can accommodate your phone ... nice surprise, a 12-volt will even allow you to recharge it if necessary. The practical side is neat and this is true under the seat that gives off enough space to accommodate two helmets plus some small everyday objects.

Static balance is exciting. Aesthetically pleasing, the Dink Street 300 thus provides at the outset what make your life a pleasure every day. And let us say right away, the road safety record is in the same direction. Relatively light, the Dink Street surprising maneuverability immediately. It drives like a 125 and this characteristic is significantly faster when dealing with the stresses of urban traffic. 

The Dink slips with ease in the corridors closer. This is a good template. Not too heavy nor too big to risk scraping the doors between two lines but enough to provide comfort and functionality. And more power is to go. The 300 cc single cylinder powered by a fuel injection does not pray to get into the towers. This is not a sport but it offers advanced his enthusiasm with a good balance between torque and power. No need to pick the top few horses that lie near the red zone, as soon as it opens, it grows. Take an average motorway is within reach without seeking the last carat. Here, of course, the lightness of Dink is felt. The wind gusts are more sensitive than a heavier scooter. Normal. But nothing too scary. It will be noted against the right protection offered by the fairing and windshield. 

Finally, to complement the ABS braking system will reassure you on the potential return to calm. You can pull on the handles without fear biting is the appointment and the system with ventilated discs front and rear suffers no critical level of endurance.
Convenient, powerful, agile, the Kymco Dink Street has a lot of qualities. It has the added advantage to enjoy a very attractive pricing from a manufacturer that has not finished speaking.

Alain Hoebeke