Derbi GPR 125: A true sport motorcycle

When you hear about a 125cc motorcycle, the first thing you think of is a scooter: functional, practical and lightweight. But a simple single cylinder bike can be many things and come in different guises.

The Derbi GPR has been designed to make the 125 look sporty.

You can see at a glance that this bike was not made for comfort and for getting about town.
You can see the Grand Prix sports bike in the Derbi.

The firm seat is fixed behind the tank and makes you lean forwards towards the handlebars when you drive. You feel set and ready to go and start to become one with the machine, tucking your knees around the tank..

It has a racing feel to it: at the front there are two headlights and a wind deflector and the fairing goes over the small front red mudguard. The back of this bike is even better, and is what makes it stand out from the rest. The passenger sits high up behind the driver on a seat, which juts out over the oscillating swing arm and is in a diving position making the whole bike look streamlined.


The wheel rims have vented disks with large front disks, an LCD instrument panel with a small on-board computer with two odometers that calculate total and partial distance, and a digital speedometer are the icing on the cake.

You will not be disappointed when you turn on the ignition. When it is ticking over, the sound of the single cylinder engine may not be very thrilling at first, but that soon changes when you see the lights on the LCD rev-counter shoot up.

Then you have to adjust the 6-speed gears until the engine sounds right. Under 6000 rpm it sounds a bit throaty, but above that the Derbi sings like a diva. Just as you are getting into it, a red light indicates it is time to go into top gear as the engine challenges you to go even faster.

Don’t worry about breaking the speed limit because, at this point, you are only doing about 100 km/h. The enjoyment you get out of this motorcycle is not all about speed. The Derbi is stable, well-balanced and easy to control. You will feel safe on this sturdy bike.

Supersport fans may want to consider the Derbi for its look, its handling and the powerful sound of its single engine. You’re in for plenty of nice surprises with this bike and your heart won’t sink when you hear the price: €3800.

Alain Hoebeke