Philippe Lenaif:
“Amongst psycho-corporeal development tools, Biodanza is distinguished by the predominant role which it gives to the emotional dimension in our relationships to ourselves and to others, thus allowing everyone to fully express their potential as a human being.

Our typically Western way of thinking conditions us to use our mental abilities predominantly in the pursuit of intellectual performances that fulfil typical expectations and that are valued by society, thus almost systematically obscuring our emotional human dimension, our emotional intelligence and the extraordinary reserve of energy contained in the instincts linked with the preservation of life.

One of the aims of Biodanza is to free, through appropriate exercises, the energy naturally contained in these instincts and put them at the service of the free and fluid expression of our true essential being. Biodanza is a lot more than a simple recreational activity which allows us to “get back in touch with our body”. It offers us the chance to reconstruct the sacred part of the life which runs through our veins, not by expounding about it, but by rediscovering and re-experiencing our body as a source of energy and spirit which supports the growth of our awareness and our everyday joy in living."

Created in the 60s in Chile by Rolando Toro Araneda, Biodanza is system for personal development presented in the form of dances and exercises to music to be performed alone, in twos or in a group.

Biodanza can be defined as a system:

  • of integrating emotions with motivity
  • of organic renewal
  • and of re-learning life's original functions.

It aims to re-establish the unity between perception, motivity, emotions and organic functions.  In doing this it re-establishes our vital spirit, joy in living, sensibility and pleasure in the movement of our own body.

Biodanza creates a free space where everyone is invited to discover their own dance and their own identity in a pleasurable way. Integrating spontaneity and emotion with action, it gives expression to movement, the expression of a body that is lived in.

Director of the Biodanza Circle of the European Commission: Serge Marcelis (EAC.R.1)